Colin St John


Colin St. John is a writer, editor and joke maker.

He's written for Rolling StoneDeadspinEsquirePitchfork, the St. John family email chain and other outlets.

Colin likes some specific things (chicken sandwiches, Richard Linklater movies) and dislikes others (sliced tomatoes, guns).

When he's not writing the bio for his own website in the third person, he's also been known to totally sell out and write advertisements.

Sometimes I write the words for ads. Here are a few.

This one is kinda funky because I didn't write the script, but I did do the voiceover. Yep, that's what I sound like. Please enjoy this Great Divide Brewing Co ad responsibly. 

The Real Dill: pun-friendly pickles.

This company called Nike makes shoes. Check 'em out for your next pair!

Camp Woodward is extreme, bro.

Snap into a Duke's.

Ball is life (especially if you like Mason jars).

Go BIGS or go home.

We’re not poets but we know what it takes to make big sunflower seeds. #AprilShowers

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I wrote the new website for the venerable institution, P.J. Clarke's. Please enjoy.

Weed ads: Until Jeff Sessions smashes through my bedroom window.

If you ask me to write social media copy for you, prepare for mid-'90s R&B references and plenty of other nonsense.

Here lies spots for a killer beer fest at...wait for it...Killington.